Los disfraces de Halloween para niños más populares en 2018

Elena MARTÍNEZ / February 15 2024


Los disfraces de Halloween para niños más populares en 2018

El mes de octubre está marcado por la celebración de Halloween, una festividad que cada año toma más fuerza en muchos países. Uno de los aspectos más emocionantes de esta celebración es elegir el disfraz perfecto para la noche más terrorífica del año. Si tienes hijos, sabes lo importante que es para ellos tener el mejor disfraz. En este artículo, te presentamos los disfraces de Halloween para niños más populares en 2018.

1. Superhéroes: Los niños siempre han sido fanáticos de los superhéroes, y este año no es la excepción. Los disfraces de personajes como Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman y Capitán América son tendencia. Los niños se sienten poderosos y seguros al vestirse como sus héroes favoritos, listos para enfrentar cualquier desafío que se les presente.

2. Princesas: Las princesas siempre han sido un clásico en Halloween, y este año no es diferente. Los disfraces de Elsa de Frozen, Bella de La Bella y la Bestia, y Moana son muy populares entre las niñas. Estos disfraces les permiten sentirse como verdaderas princesas, tan valientes y hermosas como sus personajes favoritos de Disney.

3. Terror clásico: Si a tus hijos les gusta el terror clásico, este es su año. Los disfraces de vampiros, brujas, fantasmas y monstruos están en auge. Los niños pueden jugar con su imaginación y asustar a sus amigos con estos clásicos disfraces de Halloween. Además, estos disfraces permiten una amplia variedad de opciones de maquillaje, para hacerlos aún más aterradores.

4. Animales: Los disfraces de animales siempre son una elección acertada para los niños. Este año, disfrazarse de dinosaurio, león, unicornio o panda está de moda. Los niños pueden convertirse en sus animales favoritos y pasar una noche llena de diversión.

5. Personajes de películas y series: Con el auge del cine y las series, los disfraces de personajes populares también se han convertido en tendencia. Los niños pueden elegir disfrazarse de Harry Potter, Minions, Avengers, Paw Patrol o personajes de Disney como Mickey Mouse o Buzz Lightyear. Estos disfraces les permiten recrear las aventuras de sus personajes favoritos y ser el centro de atención en la noche de Halloween.

En conclusión, los disfraces de Halloween para niños más populares en 2018 están marcados por los superhéroes, las princesas, el terror clásico, los animales y los personajes de películas y series. Independientemente de la elección, lo importante es que los niños se diviertan y disfruten de una noche llena de magia y diversión. ¡Feliz Halloween!

Get ready for that time of year again when your kids are already thinking about Halloween costumes that are even more impressive and terrifying than last season’s. But first things first, what are they going to be? This year has been fruitful when it comes to inspiration for amazing Halloween costumes from the big (and small) screen. Keep reading to see our favorite selection of simple yet stunning Halloween costumes for classic and modern characters in abundance.

Ideas for Kids’ Halloween Costumes

disfraces de halloween modernos
Modern Halloween Costumes

One thing is dressing up as Black Panther, who this year proved to be perhaps the coolest Avenger of all time, and another is lighting up the night with the chest adornments in this costume (there’s a hidden on/off switch). If your little King T’Challa really wants to go all out (and has saved up some money), there’s even a set of Black Panther gloves with battle sounds.

The Incredibles

With The Incredibles 2 dominating the box office this summer, dress everyone up as the Parr family and save the world with Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Baby Jack-Jack costumes.

Kids’ Halloween Costume Ideas

Fancy Nancy

Does your daughter want to be fancy at this Halloween party? The Fancy Nancy Clancy costume is exactly what she needs. Disney Junior’s new show Fancy Nancy has brought Jane O’Connor’s beloved character to delightful life, and this costume is wonderful, from the striped tights to the shiny tiara. Oh la la!

Lego Batman

LEGO figures represent a classic and well-known image for all kids. However, LEGO Batman (and Batgirl!) are sure to be a new trendy costume this year. Tunic, removable cape, pants, mask, and hands are included to fully cover your little Dark Knight. There’s also a Joker costume, as well as the whole gang from LEGO Ninjago, so Lloyd and Nya fans shouldn’t feel left out.

disfraces-para-halloween-niños (2)

Classic and Modern Halloween Costumes for Boys and Girls

Vampire? Ballerina? Vampirina!

A Halloween night may never be the same without the character Vampirina, an expat from Transylvania. Following the fame of the Vampirina Ballerina book, the lovable character has made her way onto the small screen with her monster family since the Vampirina TV series premiered in October last year. This year, the fame is sure to be in full swing for this “ghoul girl in a human world,” so if you choose her look for costume days throughout the year, you’ll be the center of attention.

Halloween Costumes

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Get ready for some epic sequels this season, including Jurassic World 2! Surprise and impress your friends and family with an inflatable T-Rex costume. The Indominus Rex and Velociraptor costumes are also going to be very popular this season.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends

The classic duo of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh is making a comeback thanks to this summer’s movie, Christopher Robin. And let’s not forget about Piglet, Tiger, and Eeyore. So grab an empty honey jar for some nostalgic trick-or-treating. This costume is perfect for a cute little Winnie the Pooh, no jacket required!

disfraces de halloween princesa-caballero
Nella, the Princess Knight

This new princess is an exclusive costume for this year. We love that Nella is brave, strong, and leads the way with her turquoise heart.

disfraces de halloween conejo
Easter Bunny or Peter Rabbit

Easter may be over, but Halloween gives Peter Rabbit fans another chance to join in on the fun. So if your kids are asking you to bring out the Easter eggs again, they’ll need a costume like this too.

Classic Halloween Costume Picks

You can’t deny that pumpkins, witches, and ghosts are classic Halloween costume ideas. But this year, glow-in-the-dark costumes (pumpkin, witch, ghost, skeleton, and more) will be more popular.

disfraces de halloween calabaza

Since these costumes are a bit more expensive, it’s great to go with a classic and decorate it with future Halloween crafts (fluorescent dye fibers are also eco-friendly and made to last). Plus, that glow only needs half an hour of charging to last for three to four hours, enough time to light up the trick-or-treating path.


Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Han Solo

Another Halloween costume idea that can be considered both classic and modern is from the epic movie franchise Star Wars. So turn your little fighter into a Halloween Han and the Imperial fleet won’t stand a chance! Qi’ra, Lando, and Chewbacca complete the list of favorite characters to choose from.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is officially back in business just in time for the release of Mary Poppins Returns. Get ahead of the trend by dressing up as the beloved nanny for Halloween. This interpretation even includes Mary’s signature hat, gloves, and a blue bow tie.

disfraces de halloween supermario
Super Mario

Since the 90s are making a big comeback, how about this Super Mario costume, complete with hat, mustache, gloves, and a one-piece jumpsuit? And yes, that’s an inflatable belly!

disfraces de halloween niña

Get Ready for Halloween with These Amazing Costumes!

The highly anticipated movie Trolls World Tour may not be hitting theaters until 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the Poppy, Branch, Bridget, and DJ Suki costumes at this year’s Halloween parties. This adorable Poppy dress can be worn on its own or paired with a cute pink wig and fake ears!

Become a Power Ninja!

Rest assured that the candy will be in good hands with the Red Ranger Ninja. This perfect ninja/Power Ranger combo has everything your Halloween hero needs, including a padded jumpsuit, golden belt, and soft mask.

Wonder Woman to the Rescue!

While we wait for the sequel to the 1984 movie, your little Wonder Woman will steal the spotlight with this sweet costume that comes with a dress, belt, gauntlets, tiara, and even shin guards. Halloween night will be the first of many times she saves the neighborhood, we’re sure of it.

Join the Paw Patrol!

The adorable pups from the Nick Jr. series are still a hit among kids. Your child will be ready for a rescue in this adorable Marshall costume, complete with a firefighter helmet, Paw Patrol badge, and backpack!

disfraces de halloween hada
Shoppies Dress Up!

If your kids are fans of Shopkins and have a serious collection of Shoppie dolls, they’ll love knowing that they can dress up as Shoppies too with a dress and headpiece. This Peppa-Mint and Jessicake are super sweet.


Rev Up with Burning Speed!

Your little monster truck fan can race through the Monster Dome in this awesome jumpsuit. The Blaze tag adorns the front of the padded suit (perfect for chilly Halloween nights!). The gloves and hat complete the look.

Rainbow Unicorn Magic!

Unicorn madness still tops the wishlist for little girls. This bright rainbow version comes with a headband and magic wand.

disfraces de halloween

Classic Halloween Costumes: Witches

Witches have always embodied the spirit of this holiday. That’s why there are countless variations of witch costumes for kids and adults. The popularity of witches during this time of year makes them even more appealing.

Check out this little adorable witch with a lilac dress and hat, and a broom with a lilac bow too:



disfraces de halloween bruja-lila

This teenage witch has also chosen the color lilac for her festive outfit. The shiny accessories on the hat and belt complete the elegant look.

disfraces de halloween bruja-sonriente


Another charming witch whose skirt is adorned with spider web prints.


Spider webs and green lipstick for an authentic Halloween witch.


Other Original Halloween Costume Ideas

The little Indian girl with a red feathered headpiece and a fringed brown dress greets her tribe.

disfraces de halloween india

A sweet vampire bat ready to fly off in search of its next victim.


Who says women don’t have superpowers? They can save the world from the bad guys too!


The latest trend among teenagers is to wear Halloween costumes with fluorescent elements.

disfraces de halloween originales

Who wants a hot dog? This adorable, comfortable, and original monkey costume is perfect for the little ones.


Classic Halloween Costumes: Pirates

Little pirates go in search of sweet treasures on Halloween night. These classic costumes are ideal for adventurous young children. Make sure your little pirate has all the key accessories and let them sail through the neighborhood with their crew.

disfraces de halloween pirata

What does a pirate need? A sharp sword, a pirate hat with a skull and crossbones print, a red scarf around the waist, and that’s it.


Every superhero is welcome on Halloween night to save the world from the forces of evil.

disfraces de halloween power-ninja

And let’s not forget about the superheroines who are just as strong and brave, but at the same time stand out for their innate elegance. This superheroine wears a charming pink costume adorned with super shiny silver elements.

disfraces de halloween supergirl

Teenage girls may prefer a chic look with differently colored dyed pigtails and mismatched stockings.

disfraces-de-halloween-superhéroe disfraces de halloween violet

Classic Halloween Costumes: Zombies

Zombie Halloween costumes will be as popular as ever this season. Don’t forget that makeup plays a special role in the success of a zombie costume: pale complexion, big sunken eyes, bleeding scars, etc.

A zombie child with scissor hands can send chills down anyone’s spine.

The queen of hearts accompanies the little scissor-handed zombie. A charming (or rather chilling) couple!

Halloween Costumes for the Little Ones

Even the little ones love Halloween and want to dress up, although some of the scary costumes may not be suitable for them as they can scare them and cause nightmares. In the following photo, you can see a selection of more harmless and extremely cute costumes that designers have created specifically for them.



A fluorescent pink skeleton with matching colored strands in the hair.


The flower in this pot has a charming and contagious smile. A costume that can be worn for both Halloween parties and school performances. If you don’t want to invest in Halloween costumes, you can go for this option. The effect can be surprisingly good.

disfraz-para-halloween-flowerGet ready for a spooktacular Halloween with witches, zombies, vampires, and all your favorite movie characters! The fun and sweets are guaranteed for everyone.

Prepare yourselves for gangs of costumed kids who will come knocking on your door for treats. Consider yourselves warned!

But why stop there? Make your party even more memorable by setting up a mini store inside or outside your house for the little “monsters”. This will surely fill their hearts with joy and happiness.

We hope you liked our Halloween costume ideas for kids. Keep reading our page for more interesting ideas.

Let the Halloween celebrations begin!

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